Glorious Past

Muzaffarpur has been the cultural center of North Bihar for even long before independence. Jaintpur, which had experienced the 1st democracy of the Lichchhwi Republic, is situated about 40 km west of Muzaffarpur and 15 km north of Vaishali. Lord Buddha and Mahavir also chose the region for spreading their thoughts in the form of valuable preaching. In such a region full of tradition and values, the decision taken by Sri Raghava Prasad Singh of Jaintpur Estate to establish a college was certainly historical. For the great cause of educating the common masses, he gladly offered to donate his palace along with several acres of land for the establishment of Sri Raghava Prasad Singh College. The great Karmayogi, Sri Raj Mangal Prasad was entrusted with the responsibility to drive the college to the level of excellence. Thus on the 14th of July, 1958 the college came into existence with the inauguation by the first Chief Minister of Bihar, Dr. Srikrishna Singh in the presence of many great personalities, a few to mention - Sri Mahesh Prasad Singh (Minister Government of Bihar), Nawal Kishore Singh (M.L.A), Sri Laliteshwar Sahi, Triveni Babu, the then-V.C. Sri Dukkhan Ram and many dignitaries, Ministers and Leaders of Bihar. Affiliation was given to the college on the day of inauguration itself.

The academic activities of the college started on 14th July, 1958 with 126 students. Sri Raj Mangal Prasad, the founder principal, had true teachers - Sri Gokarn Prasad Sharma (Hindi), Md. Amir Hasan (English), Sri Mahesh Prasad Singh (Psychology), Sri Jaibhadra Jha (Philosophy), Sri Varindra Kumar Sharma (Economics) - to carry out the decisions taken by him. This team was compared to and came to be known as 'Sapta Rishi' - a constellation of stars dominant in the Northern Hemisphere. Studies in Science subject was introduced in 1962. The growing number of students led to the appointment of many teachers and support staff in different departments. Gradually the college developed into a centre for cultural and social activities besides its academic concern.

In 1976, the then-Chief minister, Jagannath Mishra declared Sri Raghava Prasad Singh College a constituent unit of Bihar university. In the last meeting of the governing body the formalities regarding the transfer of power were completed. Since then the college has maintained cordial relations with Mrs. Usha Singh, the eldest member of the royal family who has always cared for the betterment of the institution and has ever been the source of inspiration for it.