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Sri Raghav Prasad Singh College is celebrating golden jubilee of its establishment.

Situated though in a remote area from the district headquarter, Sri Raghav Prasad Singh College has lived up to the aspirations of the locality quenching their thirst for excellence in terms of personal achievements of its pupils to the fulfillments of social duties in its journey of fifty years. A quest of excellence and endeavour to utilize the knowledge attained through experience for the betterment of all beings has been the hallmark of Bihar from times immemorium. This college is no exception and this renders ample pride to be a part of its glorious existence.

Established with the solemn view to torch the idea of spreading education among the illiterate populate of this land of Mahatma Buddha and Tirthankar Mahavir, Sri Raghava Prasad Singh College has silently observed those great maestros burning their lives to fuel the lamp of education lit by the great Karmayogi Sri Rajmangal Prasad, the founder principal.

This institution obtains the sustaining energy from its efforts for the all round development of personality of its students besides imparting to them the treasure of knowledge preserved in books. It has an additional task of ensuring that its pupils not only learn from books but develop a personality so as to express through their behavior such values as prevailing in the history of the land. The devotion of the teachers supplemented by the rich library with a collection of books on various subjects provides a productive academic environment. A Battalion of NCC keeps the students aware of their duties towards the Nation. So does NSS program towards their duty to society. Games and sports too, which is an integral part of the academic program of the college, helps build co-operation, brotherhood, self-reliance and respect for all. The Friday Group – a weekly seminar – is an innovative approach towards strengthening of social bond between relationships at various levels.

The college, a constituent body of B.R.A. Bihar University, Muzaffarpur offers different courses of study at Intermediate as well as Graduation level better known as Three Years Degree Courses. Students have the opportunity to choose the subject of their interest from those approved by the University